Application launcher operated from the menu bar features your choice of icon size, the ability to open files and folders, and categories that can be grouped between separators. Supports hot keys and folder hierarchies.

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Set your Mac to stay awake when it’s inconvenient to have it fall asleep, for example if you’re watching a movie. A must-have here at thriftmac HQ.

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If QuickSilver seems like overkill for your needs, you might want to give Chuck a try. This fast and light app launcher allows you to create aliases so that typing just a couple of letters will take you straight to the app you want. And if that doesn’t work, you can exclude the ones that are getting in the way.

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Copy, transform, paste. Menu bar app keeps track of the text you’re copying and can morph it into lowercase or uppercase, remove line breaks or multiple spaces, and extract URLs or addresses. Add your own “morphlings” in the preferences using the handy link to All in all, a clever way to get tedious tasks done automatically.

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A simple menu bar clock replacement with a simple calendar for your Mac. Installed on all Macs at thriftmac headquarters.

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Clean up your desktop clutter day by day with this ingenious app. Desktoday puts each day’s detritus into a folder with the day’s date.

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Menu bar item helps you concentrate by covering up your desktop and all the icons on it, as well as the windows of all your other applications. Options include: hiding the dock, customizing the background, and setting the shortcut key. It’s sort of like sweeping your mess under the rug. For actual cleanup, consider a bulldozer. (Donation requested.)

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Easy access from the menu bar to a calendar for the current month and a listing of appointments and events imported from the Calendar app that comes with your Mac. Unpinning allows you to move it around the screen.

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Get scads of options for customizing the format and look of the date and time in your menu bar, plus a bonus dropdown calendar that you can flip through.

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Switch applications from the menubar much like they did in the OS 9 days. Lets you see background processes and assign shortcuts to the first nine entries in the menu. Several other options, settings and rules available.

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Get access to the last 20 items you copied in a list from the menu bar. Supports various clipboard types, including plain text, rich text and images. Displays the colour of hex strings. Shows images that have been copied.

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List all mounted volumes in your menubar, categorized by type. Clicking on a volume menu will unmount/eject that volume. Supports Growl unmount and mount notifications.

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Spirited Away

If an app hasn’t been used for a certain amount of time (up to 300 seconds — you decide), Spirited Away will hide it. It’s a great way to keep your workspace from becoming cluttered. You can tell it to exclude certain apps and get it to co-operate with iChat.

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Add one or more menus to the menu bar for accessing files and data. Pre-set menus include Applications, Developer, Home, Documents and Snippets. Or define your own. (Not a system hack.)

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