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folderThe latest from the suggestion box is a program that places pictures on your folders to help you distinguish one from the other at a glance. Apple has helpfully done this to a certain extent already — there is a musical note on the Music folder, a downward-pointing arrow on the Downloads folder, and so on. They’re subtle and elegant, as you would expect from Apple, but for some people they’re hard to see. And besides, there are the folders you create on your own that don’t have the advantage of Apple’s artistry. The Games folder is an obvious one. I’ve used the Pac-man icon in the past, but it currently sits blank.

So what to do? You could spend $29 on CandyBar, and it may indeed be money well spent. But we’re all about freeware, so why not try Telling Folders? It has a very simple interface. You fire it up and it asks you to drag and drop an image onto a nice big target. You can choose whether to put a border on it. Then you drag and drop the folder you want to change. And that’s it. It’s almost too easy, which is why we suggest taking it to the next level with another freeware app called Iconverter.

This nifty little program lets you extract an icon and create an image out of it. You could use it, for example, to illustrate articles about Mac freeware — as we have done here. Or you could take that image and drag it onto Telling Folders. I used Iconverter to create a PNG image from the Pac the Man icon with an invisible background. I dragged it onto Telling Folders with the option for no border ticked. I then dragged in the Games folder and — voilà! — I have a beautiful new Games folder distinguished by one of the greatest freeware games ever (as shown above).

By the way, Telling Folders is made by omz:software, the same developer who brought us SketchBox, which we wrote about recently.


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