Retweet with Retweetie

Awhile ago, I was lamenting the lack of recent development for Tweetie, and came up with a list of Twitter alternatives that, by contrast, have been moving along with updates. If you’re still hoping for new Twitter features, though, there is some good news — Nick Paulson has created a plugin called Retweetie.

Retweetie is a SIMBL plugin for Mac that makes Tweetie use Twitter’s native retweeting functionality. No longer do you get a “RT @user: “ tweet, but instead a real retweet. Just Repost your tweet as usual and let ReTweetie handle the rest.

The only catch is that you also have to install SIMBL (SIMple Bundle Loader). This is a bit of software that allows developers to patch existing applications. Installation is painless, and an uninstaller is provided if you get cold feet.


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