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General-purpose text editor supports extensive encoding, multi-selection indentation, invisible characters and iCloud Drive integration.

Download site Text


Open source music player without the iTunes bloat allows you to gather all your music sources and downloads in one place. Create playlists, invite friends, listen to radio stations.

Download site Multimedia


Customizable templates for creating invoices and keeping track of them. Contacts allow you to keep information for billing the same client. Save as a PDF, then send it by email or print it off.

Download site Etcetera


Open source app for storing passwords, serial numbers and other sensitive data — protected with one password. Available on all major platforms, with syncing between them.

Download site Organizers


Accounting software for small businesses to manage finances and cash flow. Takes care of invoicing, accepting online payments and keeping track of expenses. Can be installed on your host/server.

Download site Etcetera