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Burn data disks, audio disks (MP3, audio CD), video disks (VCD, SVCD, DVD-Video, DivX), images and disk copy — just about anything you can think of. And all with great ease.

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Create stop-motion animation videos using any webcam/video camera connected to your Mac, including iSight. Just take some pictures and soon you have a stop-motion QuickTime movie.

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GIF Brewery

Take a video or screen recording, then crop it, set the frame rate, apply filters and add captions. A nice change from the clutter of web-based GIF makers.

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Motion FX

Moving in front of your Mac’s camera was never so much fun. Select an effect and watch what it does with face tracking and other technology. Presets include smoke, fire, rainbow plasma and 77 others. Five modes include video warp, which warps live video using your mouse or trackpad. Download is from the Mac App Store.

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Simple yet powerful cross-platform app features trimming, 3D animation, unlimited tracks, video effects, audio wave forms, title editor, slow motion effect, and more.

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A free, open source, cross-platform video editor with support for many audio and video formats and codecs plus many image formats. Native editing means no import required.

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Vector-based animation features layers and filters, a bone system for cut-out animation, and vector-tween — transform any vector shape into another.

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Feed your TV addiction the easy way with TVShows. Leave this pref pane running in the background, and it will automatically seek out and download torrents for shows (using your torrent app) as they become available. Presets for many shows do all the setup for you. Tested on Big Bang Theory and worked like a charm.

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