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Stores everything you copy and lets you access it when needed. Unlimited history can be cleared at any time. Everything can be done from the keyboard. Searchable full content preview.


A clipboard with a lot of extras — not only a list of things you’ve copied, but also saved clips, the date, time and lorem ipsum. Smart clips are like templates where you can fill in a blank. It also does calculations.


One of the most full-featured of the free clipboard managers you’ll find. It stands out with lots of options in the preferences. Plus you can store and easily access snippets.


Open source fork of Jumpcut pops up a bezel containing recent items that you’ve copied. You can go through them with arrow keys to find the one you want and paste it. Default hotkey is Shift-Command-V.


Save up multiple snippets of text and paste them at will from the menu bar or from a translucent display invoked by a keyboard shortcut.


This clipboard distinguishes itself with a search input for when the number of items you’ve copied gets unwieldy. There is a free version, but it’s hard to find on the site. Use the download button below.

Pure Paste

It can be super annoying to paste some text into, say, an email message, only to find that a bunch of formatting came along for the ride. This app makes sure you can have nothing but plain text.


Launch Yippy and get a nice big list of your most recently copied items, including images. Highlight the one you want, press return, and the item will paste into the location of your cursor. Position the window on any edge of your screen, in the centre — or go full screen.