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Quick-launch app saves you time when searching your computer or the web. Launch apps with shortcuts, get quick access to web searches and bookmarks.

Folder Peek

Your folders live as names in the menu bar. Click to access anything in them, including documents and apps. Customize it with things like icon, size, title and sorting.


Get easy access to your apps and scripts from the menu bar. Or skip the mouse and use custom keyboard combinations.


Keyboard addicts will love the the way this app lets you of find and launch files and applications without touching the mouse.


Launch apps, search files, do calculations, check you clipboard history, access your calendar — and much more. Extensions allow you to work with other apps such as Zoom and G Suite. Free while in beta. Basics will remain free when out of beta.


Schedule the automatic launching of applications, Applescript applets, documents, websites and file downloads at startup time or at a given time and date. There are many other scheduling options.