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Any Text

Put whatever text you want in a widget — lists, notes, or the thing you decide needs your attention.

Beaver Notes

Markdown editor stores files on your device. It features note-linking, a command prompt and a tagging system. Notes can be searched or organized by tag or date.


Jot down notes without having to think about how to organize them, then find them later with a fast, fuzzy search. Supports markdown and keyboard navigation.


A mind-mapping software written in Java designed to be a high productivity tool. Useful for keeping track of projects, brainstorming, small databases, and more.


A scratchpad for developers. Each note is a block with formatting or syntax highlighting for plain text, math, markdown or one of several programming languages. Math blocks do calculations.


Open-source, cross-platform note-taking and to-do app organizes into notebooks. It supports markdown and can be synced with one of several cloud services. You can import from Evernote.


A well-organized collection of snippets is incredibly handy for coders, and Lepton does this nicely. It’s basically a front end to whatever you have stored at github, so it’s synced wherever you go.


Knowledge base works with local plain-text markdown and org-mode files to write, organize and share your thoughts, create to-do lists, and much more.


The developer couldn’t find a notes app that did everything he wanted, he made his own. Supports markdown, with notes stored on your computer, zen mode, and split view. Sync via third-party services such as Dropbox.


An open-source notes app with almost too many features to list. Notes are plain text files that can be opened and edited with any text editor. Each consists of fields, starting with title and body — you can add more and organize using these fields.

Notes SE

Notes app with a simple interface syncs via iCloud across Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Create links by typing in the URL. Supports widgets and Shortcuts.


Knowledge base, with markdown support for plain text files, helps get your thoughts in order with a graph view. Extensibility allows for much customization of anything you do with text.


Save articles, newsletters and documents and read them later — focused and distraction free. Add notes and highlights. Organize your reading list the way you want and sync it across all your devices.


Digital notebook from Microsoft lets you take notes (including pictures), share them and collaborate with others across multiple devices.


Excellent way to synchronize notes between iOS, Mac, Android and Kindle. Tags help you stay organized and search results appear as you type.


This tiny scrapbook with a gorgeous interface can live either in the dock or the menu bar. It’s a handy place to keep seven pages of temporary notes, and no more. Syncs with iCloud.


One of the free apps I use the most. Super handy for transitory notes that I used to fill physical notebooks with.


Designed as a way to collect, organize, cite, and share research, but could also be used as for notes. Organize with collections, tags and saved searches. Sync across devices or a web browser. Share and collaborate with as many people as you like.