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A free and open source to Notion with a focus on getting things done. Create documents, grids, boards and calendars. Plus import documents. Type “/” to access content blocks.

Microsoft To Do

There are plenty of choices for to-do-list apps for the Mac, but they don’t come much slicker than To Do, the successor to Wunderlist. Nice animations and a selection of backgrounds combine with a feature set that includes the ability to make and search multiple lists, check off each item, and sync everything between your Mac and other devices.

One Task

Focus on one task at a time by creating a list of tasks for the day. The first one will show up in a widget. Check it off when it’s done, and the next one appears.

Reminders MenuBar

A nifty way of accessing — and adding to — what’s in your Reminders app from the menu bar. Has a choice of icons and an option to include today’s count.

Super Productivity

Create time sheets and work summaries to track and document your work. Connects with Jira, GitLab and GitHub. Features include a pomodoro timer, a break reminder and an anti-procrastination page.


A to-do app with some interesting features: You can rank items, schedule them, put them on a timer, archive them, make them a “maybe”, and more.


A to-do list with a bar graph to show how many task you have completed or put on hold for the day.


Organize your to-do lists by day of the week, and get a seven-day look at what’s coming up. You can also make custom lists. Allows for notifications and tweaking the appearance.