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Burn data disks, audio disks (MP3, audio CD), video disks (VCD, SVCD, DVD-Video, DivX), images and disk copy — just about anything you can think of. And all with great ease.

Camera Preview

See how look before going live on your web cam — from the the menu bar, the dock or a keyboard shortcut. You can also take a picture, or zoom in or out.

DaVinci Resolve

The free version of this video editor has so much going for it that it might be all you ever need. Capabilities cover cutting, keyframing, color grading and audio tools.


Create stop-motion animation videos using any webcam/video camera connected to your Mac, including iSight. Just take some pictures and soon you have a stop-motion QuickTime movie.


Open source app lets you watch YouTube videos in a browser without tracking or ads. Subscribe to channels without an account.

GIF Brewery

Take a video or screen recording, then crop it, set the frame rate, apply filters and add captions. A nice change from the clutter of web-based GIF makers.


Open source screen capture with good options for sizing, and plenty of opportunity for added features.


Open source video editor features multi-track editing, configurable interface and shortcuts, titler, dozens of effects and transitions, audio and video scopes, proxy editing, keyframeable effects — and more.


Losslessly trim or cut out parts of video/audio, merge or concatenate arbitrary files, extract all tracks from a file — and much more.

Motion FX

Moving in front of your Mac’s camera was never so much fun. Select an effect and watch what it does with face tracking and other technology. Presets include smoke, fire, rainbow plasma and 77 others. Five modes include video warp, which warps live video using your mouse or trackpad. Download is from the Mac App Store.

OBS Studio

Use it for video recording, mixing and live streaming. Unlimited numbers of scenes can be made up of screen captures, images, text, browser windows, webcams and more. Switch seamlessly with custom transitions.


Simple yet powerful cross-platform app features trimming, 3D animation, unlimited tracks, video effects, audio wave forms, title editor, slow motion effect, and more.

Origami Studio

Designers can create interactive prototypes and applications, enabling them to visualize and test concepts before implementation. Panels including the Canvas for layout, the Patch Editor for adding interaction and animation, and the Layer List for organizing layers.


A free, open source, cross-platform video editor with support for many audio and video formats and codecs plus many image formats. Native editing means no import required.


Vector-based animation features layers and filters, a bone system for cut-out animation, and vector-tween — transform any vector shape into another.


YouTube doesn’t give you a way to download videos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it with a third-party app like this one.