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Window Management


Multi-functional app includes many options for display and management of windows, some of which are quite innovative.


Switch focus to any open window — like command-tab for programs, but for windows. Once you’re in focus, you can minimize, close or full-screen the window. Customize the app’s appearance and trigger shortcuts.


Automatically tiles windows for you as they are opened. Lots of options for how this is done, plus you can have different setups for different Spaces.


Hide all the windows in a session and bring them back when you need them, either manually or with a timer. Great for when you need to clear the decks before a video call.


Use your trackpad to move and resize windows, or snap them into halves and quarters.


Another app that lets you move and resize windows, using keyboard shortcuts or snap areas. This one is based on Spectacle, which is no longer being maintained.


Organize your windows with easy-to-remember keyboard commands. Put them to the left, right, top or bottom. Put them corners. Centre them. Make them go full screen. It’s a great way to make comparisons, and it works in all apps. No longer actively maintained.


Easily organize your windows by dragging them to the edges of the screen, using keyboard shortcuts, or clicking on options in the menu bar.