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Word processors


This alternative word processor has many of the features, but less of the bloat, found in Microsoft Word. It can read and write industry standard document types, and is able to put together quite a spiffy layout.

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An open source word processor that does more than TextEdit and is much speedier than Office-style software. (No longer being actively developed.)

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Growly Write

A simple — but not too simple — app for people who want a word processor with the features they actually use. Everything is easy to find in a format panel that includes a multitude of features.

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Developers unhappy with the turn taken by when it was acquired by Oracle set off to create their own open source office suite — and the result is LibreOffice. The About Us section notes that it is based on the principle of developers “sharing their work with the world in a non-restrictive way.” A dig at Oracle? In any case, it’s worth checking and comparing if OpenOffice hasn’t been meeting your expectations.

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