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Text Editors


Open source code editor for the web from Adobe still in the early stages, but with the promise of lots of development. Built with HTML, CSS and javascript. Easily extensible.


Text editor features syntax colouring for 26 languages, powerful find and replace including regular expressions, outline menu, split views, macros and keybindings.


Use calming music and a selection of beautiful backgrounds to help focus on your writing. Allows you to save files to your computer.


Distraction-free editor allows you to place markers in your text, which show up in a side panel. Comes with an inline thesaurus.


A light-weight text editor that supports syntax highlighting for dozens of programming languages. Choose from several themes and mono-spaced fonts.

Notepad Next

Notepad++ is a venerable text editor for Windows, and now you can run a reimplementation of it on macOS — complete with icons from the ’90s.


General-purpose text editor supports extensive encoding, multi-selection indentation, invisible characters and iCloud Drive integration.

Plain Text Editor

Ideal for those who prefer their text with no formatting. Options allow for optimal line length, word, character and line count, a transparent background and keeping the window on top.


The sun may have set on Atom, but a new day is dawning with Pulsar — an evolution of the highly hackable code editor.


Collaborative coding for programmers has powerful editing tools, command line access and ability to create scripts. Now free and open source.

Sublime Text

Sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose has a slick user interface and features goto anything, multiple selections, a command palette, distraction-free mode, split editing and instant project switch. A licence is required for continued use, but there is no time limit for evaluation.

Visual Studio Code

Open source, cross-platform text editor from Microsoft has thousands of extensions, IntelliSense completions and built-in support for Git.


Lightweight editor promises to instantly start up, load files and respond to keystrokes. It supports GitHub Copilot, and you can use GPT-4 to generate or refactor code. Multiple developers can navigate and edit in a shared space.