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Text editors


Open source text editor from GitHub is “hackable to the core.” Supports themes for customized look and feel, plus modules can be added for various types of development work. Designed to be easy to learn.

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Open source code editor for the web from Adobe still in the early stages, but with the promise of lots of development. Built with HTML, CSS and javascript. Easily extensible.

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Text editor features syntax colouring for 26 languages, powerful find and replace including regular expressions, outline menu, split views, macros and keybindings.

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Ideal for C++/Obj-C development using makefiles and shell tools but can also be used with Xcode projects. Equally capable at editing HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Lua and many other languages.

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Distraction-free editor allows you to place markers in your text, which show up in a side panel. Comes with an inline thesaurus.

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Open source markdown editor for OS X, released under the MIT license, heavily influenced by Chen Luo’s Mou. Features highly customisable markdown rendering, syntax highlighting in fenced code blocks, sophisticated auto-completion.

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General-purpose text editor supports extensive encoding, multi-selection indentation, invisible characters and iCloud Drive integration.

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Sublime Text

Sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose has a slick user interface and features goto anything, multiple selections, a command palette, distraction-free mode, split editing and instant project switch. A licence is required for continued use, but there is no time limit for evaluation.

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Bare Bones has updated TextWrangler and is making it free. It’s got a lot more features than BBEdit Lite, so why not go for it. But watch out — you may find yourself wanting to upgrade to the wonderful BBEdit.

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Text editor has some unusual features that may give it a niche among Mac users. Examples: the ability to set a window to stay on top of others, appearance controls, live word and character counts in the top right, split view and notes.

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