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Keep track of how much time you spend doing different kinds of things on your computer — apps, windows titles, browser domains, categories, and more.

Day Progress

How’s your day going? Keep track of how much time as passed with a customizable graphic in the menu bar. You decide what the day range should be, and which days of the week you want to keep track of.


Keep track of your hours for one project or many. Clock in and out with a start/stop button like you would with a punch clock. A checkbox helps you keep track of billing.


Keep track of how long you’ve been actively using your computer with a time display in the menu bar. Optionally, you can set the app to give a break reminder.


Put a pomodoro timer in your menu bar. This technique breaks tasks into timed intervals with set rest periods in between. The app keeps track of the times for you.


A desktop timer designed for the Pomodoro Technique — a simple and effective time management method that helps you focus on tasks that require long periods of concentration.


A pomodoro timer with customizable sessions and breaks. Stats show daily and weekly progress. Widget keeps remaining time visible.