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Delete not only the app, but also all those pesky files that are associated with it.


Claim valuable space on your hard drive by eliminating localization files for languages you never use.

Permanent Eraser

When you empty the trash on your Mac, you’re telling the system to forget about those files. You can go a step further by command-clicking on Trash and using Secure Empty, which overwrites the data seven times. If that’s not good enough, Permanent Eraser will overwrite your data 35 times, scramble the original file name, and truncate the file size to nothing.

Trash It!

For those extra pesky files that refuse to be trashed, there’s Trash It! These include files or folders with permissions set incorrectly or locked Trash items. This AppleScript-based app also allows you to securely delete a stuck item or trash items from other partitions.