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Menu bar


An alternative to Caffeine, this menu bar app overrides energy saver settings to keep your Mac awake. This one has more features and is being actively developed.

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Set your Mac to stay awake when it’s inconvenient to have it fall asleep, for example if you’re watching a movie. A must-have here at thriftmac HQ.

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Copy, transform, paste. Menu bar app keeps track of the text you’re copying and can morph it into lowercase or uppercase, remove line breaks or multiple spaces, and extract URLs or addresses. Add your own “morphlings” in the preferences using the handy link to All in all, a clever way to get tedious tasks done automatically.

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Hocus Focus

Automatically hides application windows that have been inactive for a certain period of time (you decide how long), leaving only the apps you’re using visible. Keeps your screens clutter free and your mind focused.

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Menu bar item helps you concentrate by covering up your desktop and all the icons on it, as well as the windows of all your other applications. Options include: hiding the dock, customizing the background, and setting the shortcut key. It’s sort of like sweeping your mess under the rug. For actual cleanup, consider a bulldozer. (Donation requested.)

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Easy access from the menu bar to a calendar for the current month and a listing of appointments and events imported from the Calendar app that comes with your Mac. Unpinning allows you to move it around the screen.

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List all mounted volumes in your menubar, categorized by type. Clicking on a volume menu will unmount/eject that volume. Supports Growl unmount and mount notifications.

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Add one or more menus to the menu bar for accessing files and data. Pre-set menus include Applications, Developer, Home, Documents and Snippets. Or define your own. (Not a system hack.)

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