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An alternative to the dearly departed Caffeine, this menu bar app overrides energy saver settings to keep your Mac awake. This one has a boat load of features and is being actively developed.


Put pretty much anything you want in your Mac’s menu bar, using extensible plug-ins — plenty of which have already been created.


Set up folders with related files as projects that can be opened in the app of your choice from the menu bar.


Keep track of time zones in the menu bar with custom labels — say, the names of family, colleagues or friends. Also features a time scroller and upcoming events.

Hocus Focus

Automatically hides application windows that have been inactive for a certain period of time (you decide how long), leaving only the apps you’re using visible. Keeps your screens clutter free and your mind focused.


Put times from various cities in your menu bar — 24-hour or AM/PM. Use a slider to show how the times compare through the day.

Keeping You Awake

A coffee cup icon that keeps your Mac awake when you click it. You can also set the duration. Great if you miss the now-defunct Caffeine, and don’t like Amphetamine’s pill icon.

MenuBar Weather

Get the current weather and a forecast for the week from your menu bar. It updates live in the menu bar, and you can click for details and the forecast.

One Thing

Put text of your choice in the menu bar as a constant reminder — an inspiration, a goal, or something that need to get done.


List all mounted volumes in your menubar, categorized by type. Clicking on a volume menu will unmount/eject that volume. Supports Growl unmount and mount notifications.


Use the normal Mac keyboard combinations for creating screenshots, and get the added option of sharing and markup in a little popup window.


Get the day’s high and low in the menu bar along with a dropdown giving hourly weather forecasts for the day. Choose from eight different themes.


Blend the notch in your MacBook Pro with the menu bar. Can also added rounded corners to your wallpaper.


Add one or more menus to the menu bar for accessing files and data. Pre-set menus include Applications, Developer, Home, Documents and Snippets. Or define your own. (Not a system hack.)