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Change the system icons in Mac OS X, including the trash can, volumes, default folder, and more. Due to its uncertain future, CandyBar is now free but unsupported.


If you can’t get enough of tweaking your Mac, then go deeper and customize the Dock, Finder, Spotlight and login screen, plus make changes to Safari, Mail, QuickTime and iTunes. A personalized login screen might just be what you’re looking for.


Deal with a messy desktop by highlighting the active window and covering the clutter on the desktop. Colours, wallpaper and pictures can be customized.

DeskCover Pro

Dim your desktop or hide it completely so you can focus better on the front window where you’re working.


Create custom desktops with time, date, calendar, the weather, to-do lists, system monitors and more. The catch is that you really do have to be a geek to be able to use GeekTool. Luckily there are plenty of examples and tutorials.

Handy Calculator

Calculator with easy-to-see numbers fades from view when not in use. You can input complete formulas, including parentheses, before hitting the equal sign. Handles copy and paste.


Many is the time I’ve tried to clean my keyboard, only to have multiple accidental key presses play havoc on the screen. This app does just one job — turn off your keyboard.


Change your system icons by dragging new ones onto the ones you want to replace, then click Apply Changes. Restore icons by dragging the new ones out.


Sync any folder on your Mac with a cloud service — including Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Copy, MediaFire, Hightail, hubiC, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Mega and Creative Cloud. Just two steps.


Map out your wireless network and set up hotspots to ensure you’re getting good coverage. Walk around your building with a MacBook to set up points on a map, then let the app test the wifi strength in each spot.

PDF Merger

An easy way to merge PDF documents into one file. Just click the “add” button or drag and drop. A couple more clicks and you’re done.


Set a time you have to do something and Pester will remind you by bouncing in the dock, playing a system alert, speaking a message (that you create), and displaying a message and the time. Actually, you have a choice — it will do some or all of those things.


Exchange notes and files between your iPhone and Mac. Also universal copy and paste — select some text on your Mac, copy it, and it will appear in your iPhone’s clipboard.


Automatically hide or quit apps after periods of inactivity. Minimizes distraction from social apps like Twitter and Slack, news readers, or your email app.