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Get your menu bar items under control by hiding the ones you don’t use often. Display them with a click of the Dozer icon.

Hidden Bar

Simple and effective way to hide the icons cluttering your menu bar. Decide which ones you want to hide, then use an arrow icon to reveal them when needed. They’ll hide themselves again after a time that you set.


Hide menu bar items, then show them again by hovering, clicking, scrolling or swiping. Includes an always-hidden section and ability to automatically hide. Can also hide application menus when there is overlap, customize menu bar appearance, and set up hot keys.

Menu Bar Splitter

Organize your menu bar by adding dividers. Add as many as you want and rearrange them as you please. Choose from four built-in icons or any image on your Mac.


Organize your menu bar items by spacing them into groups.


Hide menu bar icons on your Mac. Just click on the arrow.