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Windows in the background, regardless of program, rise to the front and gain focus when you hover over them.


Like the name says, provides a backdrop for your Mac, with your choice of which windows go in front. It’s been a long time since there was a update, but it still works.


Would-be thieves get blasted with a loud alarm if they close the lid on an unattended Mac.

Command X

Cut and paste files the Windows way. Highlight, hit Command-X, go to destination and use Command-V. The Mac way? Command-C, then Command-Option-V.


Hide your cursor at any time with a global hot key. Handy for those times it gets in the way when you’re watching a video.


Create keyboard shortcuts for most Mac programs. Helps you navigate menu hierarchies and get the titles right. Works with KeyClu, which lists all active shortcuts of the current application.


Now that macOS has rounded corners on the icons, windows and folders, why not also on your display?


Batch rename files and extensions — just tell it what folder you want to modify, what about the filename you need to change, and what you want to change it to.


A super simple way to show and hide system files. Just use the toggle on a semi-transparent bezel.


Remap the caps lock key to shift, control, option and command — all combined — to create a new modifier key. Great for those who never use caps lock for its intended purpose.


Customize your Mac keyboard — simply change normal keys to other keys or set up complex rules.


Set up scrolling direction, pointer acceleration, pointer speed and modifier keys — separately for each device. Your mouse and trackpad can be customized differently.


Control the brightness and volume on external displays from the menu bar with controls that fit right in with your Mac’s look and feel.


Set the direction of your Mac’s touch pad and mouse wheel separately — plus, make scrolling smoother than ever. Apps can be managed individually.


Automatically turn off those annoying, and possibly embarrassing, notifications when you’re screen sharing.


Rename a list of files quickly and easily — and see the changes as you type. Options for changing names include: replace first occurrence, replace last occurrence, replace all, wildcard, prepend, append, character removal, sequence and date.


Get the most out of your MacBook’s touch bar with this widgets manager.

Remote Mouse

Turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod into a wireless remote control for your Mac or PC — just like working with a real mouse and keyboard. Useful for presentations.

Script Kit

Create a script to do pretty much anything your Mac is capable of — or choose one from the community — and launch it from the app.


Block access to distracting websites, mail servers or anything else on the Internet for any period of time you like. They stay block until the time is up — even if you restart your computer or delete the application.


Add extra powers to the share menu: copy, save as, open in, and more. Available in any app that has a share button.


You may never need your mouse again. Access your Mac’s user interface from a command palette — click buttons, focus text fields, invoke menu commands, switch windows, and more.


View your spaces in the menu bar in one of four different styles. Rectangles, numbers, rectangles with numbers, or named spaces. Icons indicate whether a space is active.


Batch rename many files at once — from simple to complex using regular expressions. This app can monitor a folder and automatically run a recipe when files are dropped in it. Extensive support for AppleScript.


Mute your mic while you type and no one will know you’re busy on your keyboard during a Zoom meeting. Allows for pausing so you can type and talk. Three icons to choose from.