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Text Tools


Drop in an audio or video file to get a text transcription, which can be exported for editing. It’s powered by Open AI’s Whisper, but everything runs locally on your Mac. Requires at least 16 GB of RAM.


Paste in some text, hit Command-B, and choose what you want done with it. Made for developers, but you can import you own scripts to extend its capabilities.


Type a keyword with a colon in front (or whatever you like!), and it expands. Includes special triggers for dates, emojis and shell commands, plus several expansion packages. Can also create templates.


Choose from dozens of pre-set text transformations, or combine and save your own.


Capture and copy text from images, then paste it into a text editor. Keeps the history of your last 10 extracted texts. Can also extract QR codes.


Nirvana for word nerds — search for anagrams, rhymes, crossword solutions, allowable Scrabble words — plus the usual definitions and synonyms.

Nisus Thesaurus

Pump up the free TextEdit that comes with your Mac by adding the well-done Nisus Thesaurus. Just select a word, and look it up with your Services submenu.


Apple Notes extension gives you two great improvements: Format text by highlighting it and choosing from a bar or create headings and lists with markdown syntax.

Retro Typer

Easily access ascii, emojis, gifs and memes from a command palette. Highlight the one you want, hit return and it’s copied to the clipboard.


Type a colon, followed by the name of the emoji you want, and voilà — the emoji appears. Anywhere on your Mac.


Add a number of services to your free TextEdit, along with Nisus Thesaurus, and you’ve pretty much got a free, full-featured text editor. Find a bunch of other freeware you might like at the WordService website.