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Experimental app, which will forever be in beta, features free-form sketching, sculpting, painting, animation, and onion skinning. It will eventually evolve into VGC Illustration and VGC Animation.

This online drawing tool can be downloaded and used as an app on your desktop. Plenty of sample charts and diagrams get you started. Easy and intuitive to use.


Draw with your finger, using your Mac’s track pad. It’s pressure sensitive, has custom brushes, and allows you to save your projects.


When you click on a link, a menu displays with your installed web browsers. Choose the one you want.


Free, open-source, KeePass-compatible password manager works the way you would expect of a Mac-native app: tabs, autosave, undo/redo, drag and drop, and quicklook.


A light-weight text editor that supports syntax highlighting for dozens of programming languages. Choose from several themes and mono-spaced fonts.


Set up folders with related files as projects that can be opened in the app of your choice from the menu bar.


An easy way to change the icons for your apps — and easily revert if you change your mind. A good place to find a new icon is at macOSicons.


Type a keyword with a colon in front, and it expands. Includes special triggers for dates, emojis and shell commands, plus several expansion packages. You need to be comfortable with Terminal for installation.


Keep track of how much time you spend doing different kinds of things on your computer — apps, windows titles, browser domains, categories, and more.


Automatically tiles windows for you as they are opened. Lots of options for how this is done, plus you can have different setups for different Spaces.