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Scrimpy the thriftmac worm
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Hand Mirror

Check up on how you look before going live with an online meeting — one-click convenience from the menu bar.


Optimize images — PNG, JPEG or GIF — to the smallest size possible as you copy them to the pasteboard.


Just like the good old days of Hypercard, you can once again use a linked deck of cards to create e-zines, presentations, and adventure games like Myst.

Plain Text Editor

Ideal for those who prefer their text with no formatting. Options allow for optimal line length, word, character and line count, a transparent background and keeping the window on top.


Put times from various cities in your menu bar — 24-hour or AM/PM. Use a slider to show how the times compare through the day.


Use AI models to upscale low-resolution JPG or PNG photos. You can batch upscale of a folder of images.


Nirvana for word nerds — search for anagrams, rhymes, crossword solutions, allowable Scrabble words — plus the usual definitions and synonyms.


Plug in a microphone or a keyboard to record, edit, mix and master audio and MIDI projects.

Notes SE

Notes app with a simple interface syncs via iCloud across Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Create links by typing in the URL. Supports widgets and Shortcuts.


Remap the caps lock key to shift, control, option and command — all combined — to create a new modifier key. Great for those who never use caps lock for its intended purpose.


Hide all the windows in a session and bring them back when you need them, either manually or with a timer. Great for when you need to clear the decks before a video call.