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Scrimpy the thriftmac worm

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Learn about the history of thriftmac, how Scrimpy came to be, and a bit about me.

Pencil2D Animation

Lightweight, easy-to-use tool for 2D hand-drawn animations. Sketch, ink and paint on the go with raster and vector workflows.


Now that macOS has rounded corners on the icons, windows and folders, why not also on your display?


A pomodoro timer with customizable sessions and breaks. Stats show daily and weekly progress. Widget keeps remaining time visible.


Stores everything you copy and lets you access it when needed. Unlimited history can be cleared at any time. Everything can be done from the keyboard. Searchable full content preview.


Free and open source app has a graphical interface for those who prefer Homebrew for installing, updating, uninstalling and managing their Mac apps.


Get a behind-the-scenes look at the security features that macOS checks when you open an app: gatekeeper, notarization, hardening, entitlements and more.

Menu Bar Splitter

Organize your menu bar by adding dividers. Add as many as you want and rearrange them as you please. Choose from four built-in icons or any image on your Mac.


Hide menu bar items, then show them again by hovering, clicking, scrolling or swiping. Includes an always-hidden section and ability to automatically hide. Can also hide application menus when there is overlap, customize menu bar appearance, and set up hot keys.


Menu bar calendar incorporates both Apple Calendar and Reminders. Optionally shows time until next event.


Windows in the background, regardless of program, rise to the front and gain focus when you hover over them.

MenuBar Weather

Get the current weather and a forecast for the week from your menu bar. It updates live in the menu bar, and you can click for details and the forecast.


Control the brightness and volume on external displays from the menu bar with controls that fit right in with your Mac’s look and feel.